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Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold

Kathy & Heathcliff – the archetype of Romantic tortured love… Andrea Arnold has been on my watch radar ever since I’ve seen Red Road, and Fish Tank topped it for me. The fact she was going to take on Wuthering Heights tickled me even more. I had seen Black Venus earlier this year and was well impressed with the raw realism of this period drama / masterpiece. Arnold’s realism and Bronte’s romanticism was bound to be an interesting mix also.

Wuthering Hights is marked by Arnold’s instinctual style, focusing on the wild, natural elements. It mirrors nature’s pace and slows life on the screen down resulting in a realistic feel like a deep breath. After an engaging first half – thanks to Shannon Beer and Solomon Glave as the young lovers – the film stumbles by a jump in time when the secret-love-affair-pair have grown up to be cold, highly unlikeable & robotic characters, drained from genuine passion. Despite this – a real shame – the visual poetry does make it worth a watch.

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