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What’s cooking #1 Cook Me – Black Bile

Belgian designer Tuur van Balen takes food & dining to a whole new level. With the help of leeches Tuur collects his own blood, then marinades the leech in a yeast whos DNA has been ‘programmed’ to be a biosensor. The yeast can then measure the chemicals and hormones in your blood that relate to the state of mind you’re in. Tuur takes it a step further by programming the yeast to bio-synthesize serotonergic agents – i.o.w. the yeast can now produce customized mood hormones.

Tuur’s own transformed DNA got used in a recipe inspired by Hippocrates’ Four Humors: leech mousse served with redcurrant sauce and oyster mushrooms. This theory inspired bloodletting and believed we need to keep our bodily fluids in balance in order to get / remain healthy. When present in excess, black bile caused the Melancholic Humor to kick in. Dinner is served!

Tuur van Balen (1981) uses design to explore the political implications of emerging technologies. Through designing and experimenting with new interactions, he constructs thought-provoking new realities.

Here’s a video on the project if you can stomach it…

via Design Indaba

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