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We Need To Talk About Kevin

What happens when a mother is incapable of loving her child? Or when her child is simply unloveable and resembles Rosemary’s Baby? Psychological thriller We Need To Talk About Kevin touches upon a troubled mother-son relationship with desastreus consequences.

Don’t watch this film if you don’t like symbolism: Glaswegian director Lynne Ramsay has made a very red film. From the thousands of squashed tomatoes in Spain – possibly referring to her passionate past – to the paint smeared on the house post-trauma, drawing attention to the blood relationship of mother and son and her scrubbing the guilt of ‘her skin’. Perhaps somewhat too Freudian, Hitchcockian (Marnie) and obvious, the visual play with these symbolic references are powerful and their beauty overwhelming.

The film opens and ends with the most beautiful shot (the wind blowing through the net curtains) contrasting with the horror that unfolds at the exact same moment. It has an estranged effect, this bleak & haunting story shot in stunning cinematography.

The film breathes Tilda Swinton – becoming part of the film’s aesthetic signature. This is her story, it’s a mum’s perspective. For me that settles not being given a motive for her son’s actions.

Let’s Talk About Kevin gave me the chills, it’s eerie – go and see it for yourself.

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