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Bon Iver – Holocene

What a stunner, this video for Bon Iver‘s Holocene by Nabil Elderkin… Love the visuals with Bon Iver’s icy tunes and the song’s lyrics – And at once I knew I was not magnificent – the effect rugged nature can have on us tiny, insignificant beings. Little Hilke is a lucky boy to wake up to such beauty every day – if the Icelandair campaign didn’t do it for you, this video must!

Dutch Design #3: Forgotten Memory

Home decor is often made for touch – we want to feel the design & sense the products origins. Design graduate Jetske Visser playfully ponders on this thought and created a product whose origin has been forgotten and therefor can’t exist for what we think it is made for. Jetske on her project:

“I wonder how daily things look like with the view of a demented person. How do they experience their environment? What is a teapot if you don’t know what a teapot is?”

Inspired by the notion of a lack or loss of reference Jetske made a 120 piece set of tea pots & cups from wax. Fragile, almost ghostlike looking home ware that transforms into a little melted heap of pink when used, according to our cultural reference.

via Premsela

DJ Shadow & Little Dragon – Scale It Back

2009 World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore memorizes a randomly shuffled 52-card deck in 24.68 seconds by creating a mental story – brought to live by Casey + Ewan in this brilliantly flowing one-take video for Scale It Back, an equally brilliant track by DJ Shadow & Little Dragon. Love it when the parrot gets a medal! Make note, Ben Pridmore has been defeated by a chimp… I wonder what the ape’s mental story was like…(bananas)

This Must Be The Place – A Post On Homes

There’s no place like home. But home has been a fluent and ever changing concept for me in the past 7 years. Travelling between countries has made me somewhat of a nomad and left me feel unearthed at times. Moving back to the motherland felt like going home but coming back to Glasgow did too and is as much my home now as Amsterdam is. So what place do I call my home? My home is now a pack-up-and-go safe house filled with nice smells, colours & loved ones – shifting more & more into cyber spheres as well to bridge the gap of the North Sea.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is a series on curious people and places, starring John Coffer and his log cabin above. THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is produced and directed by Ben Wu and David Usui of Lost & Found Films.

What’s cooking #1 Cook Me – Black Bile

Belgian designer Tuur van Balen takes food & dining to a whole new level. With the help of leeches Tuur collects his own blood, then marinades the leech in a yeast whos DNA has been ‘programmed’ to be a biosensor. The yeast can then measure the chemicals and hormones in your blood that relate to the state of mind you’re in. Tuur takes it a step further by programming the yeast to bio-synthesize serotonergic agents – i.o.w. the yeast can now produce customized mood hormones.

Tuur’s own transformed DNA got used in a recipe inspired by Hippocrates’ Four Humors: leech mousse served with redcurrant sauce and oyster mushrooms. This theory inspired bloodletting and believed we need to keep our bodily fluids in balance in order to get / remain healthy. When present in excess, black bile caused the Melancholic Humor to kick in. Dinner is served!

Tuur van Balen (1981) uses design to explore the political implications of emerging technologies. Through designing and experimenting with new interactions, he constructs thought-provoking new realities.

Here’s a video on the project if you can stomach it…

via Design Indaba