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Pani Jurek – Maria SC.

I am obsessed! Vases coming from all ends and I like them. Just over 2 weeks ago I posted about Chris Kabel’s Hidden Vase project followed last week bij Giorgia Zanellato’s Narciso and now a Polish designer joins my club of vase fetish. Designer Pani Jurek of Gang Design was inspired by the Polish scientist […]

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Narciso – Giorgia Zanellato

Just 2 weeks ago I discovered Chris Kabel’s invisible vases and now I stumbled upon vases that multiply! Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato focuses on the functionality of a vase – not just to hold flowers & provide them of water but to display the flowers to their greatest potential. So she uses mirrors to draw […]

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Dutch Design #6 – Chris Kabel

January is a great month for flowers. Not so much because there’s a wide range of choice – because there isn’t – it brings new life in any dull post-festive home. So I love my flowers, but have a troubled relationship with vases. My ‘wardrobe’ for blooms consists of all-round compatible black and transparent options […]

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Dutch Design #3: Forgotten Memory

Home decor is often made for touch – we want to feel the design & sense the products origins. Design graduate Jetske Visser playfully ponders on this thought and created a product whose origin has been forgotten and therefor can’t exist for what we think it is made for. Jetske on her project: “I wonder […]

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Dutch Design #1 - Transcience by David Derksen & Lex Pott

These mirrors will turn me into narcissus…Good design is innovative, useful and aesthetic – David Derksen and Lex Pott have done it for me. Just like its object of refelction, mirrors change over time. Accelerating the natural process of oxidation, Derksen and Pott have turned their geometric repetitive shapes into organic echos of time. The […]

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