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Autumn Gold – a documentary by Jan Tenhaven

The Dutch have a great saying: rest rusts – the five 83+ old protagonists (and GREAT characters) of this inspiring and witty documentary Autumn Gold are the living proof. All training to be in top form for the Geriatric Olympics in Lahti, Finland, we get valuable insights into an alternative way of aging. They’re not […]

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Paris is Burning – a documentary by Jennie Livingstone

I spent my weekend browsing through LOVEFilm’s online streaming catalogue making a list of golden and undiscovered oldies to watch. That’s how I came across tour-de-emotional-force Paris is Burning – a documentary on NYC’s ball culture filmed in the mid to late 1980s, exploring a colourful & marginalized subculture defined by race, gender, class and […]

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Hello… – Mattatje Oorlog vs Lionel Richie

Incredibly clever & smile enforcing edit by Matthijs Vlot – aka VJ Mattatje Oorlog – of many films supporting Lionel Richie’s master love song ‘Hello’. So much emotion! Matthijs’ website seems to have gone through the roof after this video going manically viral and is now unavailable but I can only hope to find more […]

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Reindeer Wrangling by Eva Weber

Reindeer Wrangling on Nowness.com. German film maker Eva Weber travelled to Karigasniemi village in Utsjoki, Finland, to capture the Sámi people reindeer wrangling. With only a few hours of daylight and the sun setting at 2pm, temperatures plummet to minus 18 degrees Celsius leaving us with this striking and magical short of Santa’s sleigh pullers. […]

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Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold

Kathy & Heathcliff – the archetype of Romantic tortured love… Andrea Arnold has been on my watch radar ever since I’ve seen Red Road, and Fish Tank topped it for me. The fact she was going to take on Wuthering Heights tickled me even more. I had seen Black Venus earlier this year and was […]

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We Need To Talk About Kevin

What happens when a mother is incapable of loving her child? Or when her child is simply unloveable and resembles Rosemary’s Baby? Psychological thriller We Need To Talk About Kevin touches upon a troubled mother-son relationship with desastreus consequences. Don’t watch this film if you don’t like symbolism: Glaswegian director Lynne Ramsay has made a […]

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