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Scottish Craft #2: Bird Table (ware), Teahouse

Kevin Andrew Morris’ recent project Bird table (ware), Teahouse consists of a series of ceramic objects – Teapots, Bowls and Birdhouses – and their relevant counterparts – Birds and Teabags. Kevin takes the conventional functionality away from the domestic object by placing it out of its ordinary context. With other words, he let’s us decide how to make use of it. A bit like a 180° turn from Jetske Visser’s Forgotten Memory – a teapot with dementia… Kevin on his project:

“The idea of object, material and environment is central to my current work, be the objects found (or placed) in a natural environment or with in our own man made habitats. How we interact within nature and our attempts to contain, harness or even contribute to it though objects is very interesting to me, I try to translate this in the work I do at the moment.”

And there’s a trans-North Sea link (good ideas always are communal!): poreclain tea caddies made their rise during Britain’s imperial era, resulting in a rich history of canister craftmanship similar to Dutch Delftware tea caddies around the same time. Kevin’s decorative birds do echo imperial times and remind me of nature-themed decorative paintings on china. I would love to see a pie bird / funnel added to the collection if Kevin is planning to extend his domestic home ware to other kitchen utensils…

Kevin’s ceramics can be bought online at Papa Stour.

Kevin Andrew Morris is a recent ceramics graduate from the Glasgow School of Art and GCS Graduate Award winner, granting him a studio at Glasgow Ceramics Studio.

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