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Dutch Design #6 – Chris Kabel

January is a great month for flowers. Not so much because there’s a wide range of choice – because there isn’t – it brings new life in any dull post-festive home. So I love my flowers, but have a troubled relationship with vases. My ‘wardrobe’ for blooms consists of all-round compatible black and transparent options with one striking vase to spice up carnations. Chris Kabel undresses flowers with his different perspective on vases displaying flowers in the nude. It looks like the flowers are growing right from the tabletop. Chris on how to make a vase disappear:

“[…]Hidden Vase started as a research, based on the way a chicken waterer works. With the help of Frank Bruggeman this concluded in a photographic registration of my initial research for the Plant Journal, a Spanish magazine about plants. Then a small collection of one-off vases was produced, based on the initial research. The flowers are placed around the water container so that it seems as if they are growing directly from the plate.”

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