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Dutch Design #4 – Shelter

Shelter is a collection of space dividers composed of Bute fabrics, meticulously unthreaded in to new geometrical patterns. I recently upholstered my ’66 modernist chair with the an adorable tweed by Bute fabrics and love how Henny van Nistelrooy dissects their woven patterns into these works of art.

In response to the brief “Shelter” by JJAM Curators Collective for London Design Festival, Henny van Nistelrooy started to developed a collection of space dividers. The collection makes original use of the fabrics supported by renowned Scottish textile manufacturer Bute Fabrics. In reaction to the machine woven structures Henny has been unthreading the fabrics by hand in order to create new geometrical designs within the fabric. By doing this the tightly woven, opaque textile become translucent and the relation between the different threads that make up the fabrics becomes clear. Henny responds to the weave by creating design within the structure of the fabric.

The project has been inspired by a recent journey Henny made to China. Here the beautiful architectural features appearing in many Ming/Qing imperial palaces and gardens have been of influence in the use of color and shape. These space-dividing screens reflect the geometrical shapes of some of the many windows that can be found in the many historic buildings Henny visited during his trips to Beijing, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

The space dividers are exhibited at Hayward’s of Mount Street, London until January 5 2012 which has inspired Henny to expand his collection with more dividers in the coming months.

via design.nl

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