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Dutch Design #2: The Flax Project

Christien Meindertsma travelled the world with her pig 05049 – her TEDxTalk on the same pig (how its parts make the world turn) was both fun & confronting.

With her latest project Christien dissects the process of traditional rope-making using the original material flax as it was done in the 16th century. Flax used to be the most vital textile fibre in the Netherlands, home-grown and processed into any kind of fabric. Christien Meindertsma uses art (and craft) to expose the hidden processes and connections of our modern life. Each part of the rope-making process, from the flax seedling to the end product, has been documented on film and can be found on Christien’s website – the video above shows the actual rope-making technique. The flax project – commissioned by Thomas Eyck – started in 2009 with the growth of the seedlings and resulted in Autumn 2011 in simple and raw products such as lamps, electric cables (I love the extension cord!) rugs & stools. The Zeeuws Museum in the Netherlands are hosting an exhibition on the project until 23rd September 2012, subtitled ‘Gz 59 west’ after the lot the flax grew on. Time to reconnect to the production process of our daily goods!

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