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Buckminster Fuller & Others

Buckminster Fuller was some man. As a pioneer in designer/scientist/philosopher/problem-solver/futurist he’s added some profound thoughts & ideas to human culture we can still feed ourselves on.He paved the way for today’s trend watchers and just recently scientists discovered some of the oldest molecules of our universe are shaped like his Geodesic Domes – incredibly stable & strong. Yep – Bucky’s the man.

This kinetic installation by David Letellier echoes Buckminster’s synergetic structures as well as other creative grandmasters Tinguely (poetic machines) and Alexander Calder (mobiles) – followed by an image of his Terrain Project (Sierra Nevada, California) reminding a lake that was once there by using Geodesic shapes.

Buckminster Fuller Tinguely Alexander Calder David Letellier
Levi van Veluw used 150 symmetric icosahedron shapes in his drawing Origin of the Beginning – like a mini big-bang in a child’s bedroom (where it all begins).

Levi van Veluw icosahedron

According to the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Van Veluw is not far of using Bucky’s icosahedrons to depict the very start: new scientific discoveries have revealed a class of carbon molecules that have been dubbed buckminsterfullerenes because of their geodesic sphere shape. Not surprisingly, they too are incredibly stable. Some scientists believe that fullerenes may turn out to be the most prevalent and the oldest molecules in the universe, validating the mathematical geometry that Fuller developed and called Synergetics…

Dutch Design #8 – Fire Drawings by *Glithero*

These fire drawings by designers Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren of Studio Glithero remind me of hours of pyrographic fun we had at my primary school’s creative class: it was the thrill of the actual process that excited most, the idea of burning your mark on a bit of plywood. According to the duo:

“Only an explicit account of the process can lead to a real comprehension of the design object”

This trademark led them to a larger public in 2010 with their project Blueware: a collection of ceramics with cyanotypes, a process of capturing direct impressions of botanical specimens on earthenware, using photosensitive chemicals. And a project that married the inventions of their Anglo-Dutch predecessors.

Studio Glithero are British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren, who met and studied at the Royal College of Art. From their studio in London they create product, furniture, and time-based installations that give birth to unique and wonderful products. The work is presented in a broad spectrum of media, but follows a consistent conceptual path; to capture and present the beauty in the moment things are made.

Dutch Design #7 – Gravity Stool by Jólan van der Wiel

Jólan van der Wiel manipulates the natural forces of gravity & magnetic fields to shape his design – a very organic, fascinating process that makes me feel humble and in awe with the wonders of physics. And the result shows just that: an extremely powerful yet sinister/disturbing looking stool. Jolan about his designs:

There are many ways for a design process. Each project is different and asks for flexibility in skills, knowledge and behavior. I admire objects that show an experimental discovery, translated to a functional design. A visible concentration in any scale I work on.

Dutch Design Gravity Stools by Jolan van der Wiel Dutch Design Gravity Stools by Jolan van der Wiel Dutch Design Gravity Machine by Jolan van der Wiel

On another note (or stool…) Jólan is also the co-founder of Black Pudding – an upcylcing design label based in Amsterdam delivering UNIQUE NOTEBOOKS on request for as little as €7.50 ex p&p. Just send them a theme, word or any other note of inspiration and they’ll make a unique little notebook for you.

Unique Pocket Notebooks - Black Pudding

Pani Jurek – Maria SC.

I am obsessed! Vases coming from all ends and I like them. Just over 2 weeks ago I posted about Chris Kabel’s Hidden Vase project followed last week bij Giorgia Zanellato’s Narciso and now a Polish designer joins my club of vase fetish. Designer Pani Jurek of Gang Design was inspired by the Polish scientist Maria Sklodowska-Curie – who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry – when creating this lamp/vase made from chemistry test tubes. Pani Jurek designs go beyond its stereotypical function and make you put the pieces together, in the non-IKEA way. The hoops are adjustable in height so you can easily change your flower arrangement / scented oils / coloured water / …

Narciso – Giorgia Zanellato

Just 2 weeks ago I discovered Chris Kabel’s invisible vases and now I stumbled upon vases that multiply! Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato focuses on the functionality of a vase – not just to hold flowers & provide them of water but to display the flowers to their greatest potential. So she uses mirrors to draw attention to the role of the flowers – from a simple reflection to a kaleidoscopic effect. They’re made in borosilicate glass, powder-coated aluminium and mirrored stainless steal.