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Cotton Farmers – Kathleen Robbins & Mary Carol Miller

Cotton is no longer King of the Mississippi Delta. Farmers are switching to other crops like soya beans and corn, or to a whole new life all together. Photographer Katleen Robbins and writer Mary Carol Miller – both born and raised in the Mississippi Delta – have documented the vanishing trade of cotton farming: desolate & stripped of Southern nostalgia. Mary Carol on the farmers:

“Each spring, they weigh the odds and walk the land, recognizing every turnrow and low point and subtle rise over a thousand or two thousand or even eleven thousand acres. And, once again, as their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents did, they will buy the seed and the fertilizer and service the tractors and the combines and hire the cropdusters and begin the daily prayers for more rain or no rain and sunshine and cool nights and no tropical storms in September and no frost in early October. And their children, muttering about the social challenges of being way out there and never having a next-door neighbor, will slowly, slowly find their own souls tied to that dirt.”

via Design Observer

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