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Buckminster Fuller & Others

Buckminster Fuller was some man. As a pioneer in designer/scientist/philosopher/problem-solver/futurist he’s added some profound thoughts & ideas to human culture we can still feed ourselves on.He paved the way for today’s trend watchers and just recently scientists discovered some of the oldest molecules of our universe are shaped like his Geodesic Domes – incredibly stable & strong. Yep – Bucky’s the man.

This kinetic installation by David Letellier echoes Buckminster’s synergetic structures as well as other creative grandmasters Tinguely (poetic machines) and Alexander Calder (mobiles) – followed by an image of his Terrain Project (Sierra Nevada, California) reminding a lake that was once there by using Geodesic shapes.

Buckminster Fuller Tinguely Alexander Calder David Letellier
Levi van Veluw used 150 symmetric icosahedron shapes in his drawing Origin of the Beginning – like a mini big-bang in a child’s bedroom (where it all begins).

Levi van Veluw icosahedron

According to the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Van Veluw is not far of using Bucky’s icosahedrons to depict the very start: new scientific discoveries have revealed a class of carbon molecules that have been dubbed buckminsterfullerenes because of their geodesic sphere shape. Not surprisingly, they too are incredibly stable. Some scientists believe that fullerenes may turn out to be the most prevalent and the oldest molecules in the universe, validating the mathematical geometry that Fuller developed and called Synergetics…

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